Wilde Honey Blooms

When I received a message from Shi from Wilde Honey Blooms to photograph this new business of hers I was beyond excited! Not only did I get to photograph this cute boss babe who is taking her passions and dreams and making them a reality, but I also got the opportunity to photograph the cutest VW van turned flower cart in the world! I mean, a VW van and flowers.. what could make a cuter combo?
We had fun photographing on random pretty streets in the avenues of Salt Lake City. Everywhere we went with the van people would honk as they drove by. We even had everyone in the streets approach us out of curiosity wondering what this cuteness was all about.
Shi is the sweetest! It was fun to see the passion she has for this new business baby of hers as she explained to those who approached what it was all about, as well as the excitement in her face as she saw her van all decked out while being photographed.
Check out more about Shi and Wilde Honey Blooms here!

July 30, 2018

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